Share Trading Training

We provide training to people who want to know the ins and outs of share trading in Nepal. All factors to consider, analysis of data and forecast and prediction of future trends based on the historical data and market behavior.

Portfolio Training

Training of how much to invest and where based on the size of the investment, risk appetite of the investor and movement of the market, to get the best returns from a sound and diverse portfolio.

Actionable Analytics

Training on how to digest the vast data presented to you by the market and convert it into processable and actionable information for market investment and analysis.


This service is currently not available due to the roadblocks put into place by the pandemic. We respect the safety of our community and will not resume this service unless we are certain that we can continue to train our clients with utmost care and security. Thank you for understanding.

You can request a consultation or schedule a training session with us!

You can request a consultation service with us anytime.