Anuj Shanker shrestha

Founder/Managing Director

Who AM I?

I strive to be successful enough to make a tangible difference in the society, wherein Success is defined as – To build and accumulate wealth to the tune of $100 Million with primary focus/portfolio being Real Estate and Stocks/Equity.

I started out my career through South Asian Trading Co. Ltd as a  Customer Relationship Officer in 2009, after which I joined as a Manager of Marketing and Customer Relationship in Thamel Mansion Pvt. Ltd. (now Hotel RAMADA ENCORE). From 2011-2016, I worked as a Project Manager at Clean Developers Pvt. Ltd. (www.cleandevelopers.com) and focused on the General Management of the company including Customer Relationship and Financial Part of Recovery and Loans, reporting directly only to the Executive Director.

On 2016 till 2019, I worked as the Head of Sales and Marketing in CG Developers Pvt. Ltd. (www.cgcorpglobal.com) and was primarily responsible for formulating strategies for Sales and Marketing and monitoring and evaluation of the general system of streamlining the Management process.

 I have also been an advisor for Naxalaya Pvt. Ltd from 2016. I currently work as the Co-founder and Managing Director at House of Endurance Pvt. Ltd. and strive to make it one of the largest Asset Management Company and Venture Capital in the country.



2009 - 2011

MBA (Project Management),
Kathmandu University School of Management


Financial Advisory 89%
Financial Analysis 78%
Customer Relationship 85%
Asset Management 86%


Srijan Shrestha

Studied at London Metropolitan University, Srijan also has experience of being a Manager at Naxalaya Pvt. Ltd. in Kathmandu. He has excellent decision making skills with the ability to analyze the situation of the market.

Position – Management Team Member (Directly under the MD)

Focuses on: Market Analysis and Aids in decision making

Phone: +9779808295600


Ronak Agrawal

Studying in Kathmandu College of Management. Ronak has fine skills in Report generating and Research for market comparison along with ability to handle social media contents and look after different online platforms.

Position – Management Team Member(Directly under the MD)

Focuses on: Research and reporting

Phone: +9779808852762


Shashwat Shrestha

Studying in Little Angels College of GCE ALevel. Shashwat has fine skills Graphics Design with ability to handle social media contents and look after different online platforms.

Position - Management Team Member(Directly under the MD)

Focuses on: Sales And Marketing & Graphics Design

Phone: +9779616456410



An MBA graduate from Kathmandu University School of Management with over 10 years experience in Sales & Marketing and Market Research, and possessing knowledge in the field of Automobile, Finance, Consumer Goods and Marketing. Mr. Thapa employs his strengths and specialties of market intelligence, overall marketing and gap analysis strategy, experience in supply and value chain analysis along with market entry strategy, Financial Analysis and overall Business Feasibility Analysis to make sure our clients are provided with the best possible guidance on the ever-changing Nepali market.


Currently managing Turnkey D&B MEP Project under construction for Hotel Sheraton, MBA Post Engineering graduate from Ace Institute of Management Mr. Tuladhar has also been working as a Project Manager in Microtech M&E Pvt. Ltd. for the past 4 years. Have experience of working with various Multinational Corporations including (ZTE/Huawei) in South Asia (Malaysia). Having overseen and managed numerous projects both in and outside the country, Mr. Tuladhar has also lent his invaluable advisory services to House of Endurance Pvt. Ltd. from the get-go.


With her ability to readily translate business requirements and market dynamics and incorporate them into effective corporate strategies, House of Endurance Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in securing Mrs. KC and her solid success in directing and implementing broad range of corporate and branding affair activities and projects as the senior corporate advisor for the business. She also was the Chief of Corporate Affairs for Kantipur FM Pvt. Ltd. for 6 years, she aids us and our clients in Business Strategy Planning, Budget Forecast and Process Analytics.


An MBA graduate from Kathmandu University School of Management, Mr. Kedia has been involved with some of the biggest corporate groups of the country throughout his entire professional career. Currently the Deputy General Manager at Triveni Byapar Company Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Kedia brings his experience and ability of Business Planning, Analytical Skills and Comprehensive Market Research and Analysis to House of Endurance Pvt. Ltd. and its clients.


Mr. Kharel brings 10+ years of consulting experience in Business Intelligence, Decision support systems, Business & Investment Strategy and Behavioral finance to the company. He has traveled around the world and worked as a consultant for companies like Opera Softwares, Norway, Logic Information Systems, USA,  Apoteket, Sweden. He also mentors Entrepreneurship students in Nepal especially in areas of critical thinking and behavioral finance. He has authored a book “Cognitive behavioral science for CEOs and Managers”. He has mentored several startups in Nepal to help co-founders adopt the “lean startup” and “rapid pivot” model. He is currently employed as a Business Strategy and Leadership Consultant in Fort Services.


With her core expertise to create marketing tools based on
research, design and implement a sales plan for high end real estate product, she imparts her knowledge and experience to House of Endurance Pvt .Ltd team. MBA post engineering degree, currently she is sales and marketing head at Civil Group. Ms. Thapa also has her first hand experience in crisis and asset management. Within 8 yrs of professional career she has been associated with top developers in Nepal, Chaudhary group, Clean Developers, United Traders Syndicate to name a few.