We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

Share Market Consulting

We provide services of consultation of the  different growing and value generating NEPSE Stock/Shares and about their Portfolio management.

1. Stock Market Consulting

2. Portfolio Management Consulting


Holistic Business Consulting

We provide consultation services for management problems, investment problems and also help in emergency cash flow generation for deserving companies and ideas. 

1. Business Management Consulting

2. Human Resources Management Consulting

3. Emergency Cash Flow Generation

4. Financial Management Advisory

Real-Estate Expertise in Asset Management

We have a group of real estate experts with 10+ years experience in active real estate trading. We can advise you on your property or manage it for you. We also lease the property with the view to sub-lease.

1. Real-Estate Consulting

2. Asset Allocation and Asset Management Advisory

Where have we invested?

Why Choose Us?

Our clients are given all around support service in case of any and all investment guidance and decisions.

We believe in “proving by doing”, as such it is one of our goals to choose projects which we are sure will present credible and calculable results for our clients.

Our support team is one of the best in the business. We have consultancy contracts with market veterans as well as new higher MBA graduates for blanket market research and analysis.

We will be using Nepalese market focused calculation and analysis techniques for our analysis. We will be incorporating aspects of Behavioral Finance, which have now seemed to dominate the Nepali market picture.

Let’s Grow, Together.

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