Do you think you have a knack for managing money???

We are pleased to announce that currently we have an opening for Internship position.

If you are interested to join our team send us your CV at:

For other positions also please drop your CV and we shall process when the position becomes available. Thank you.

Or contact us through the contact page:

Vacancy Open for Sales and Marketing Superstar and an Intern

We are looking for marketing superstar who can perform tricks to get ultimate result.

Criteria for Sales Manager:
- MBA (MBA running can also apply.)
- Past experience in Sales and Marketing

Criteria for Sales and Marketing Intern:
- BBA preferred
- Have basic idea about Sales and Marketing

Hear from the Team

House of Endurance is a company which actually manages to reflect the working environment which we usually see in textbooks. People are assigned to different teams, but are rotated based on preferences and are given freedom in choosing their supervisor or the actual department they want to work itself. Everyone is in contact with everyone, an integrated interface allows us to be in the loop of what the other team is working on and everyone is constantly working on bettering the experience of both the company and the clients.

Srijan Shanker Shrestha

ManagEment Team Member, IT and Customer Relations

One of the most unique experiences I’ve had. Everyone works tightly and the workflow as well as the communication flow is seamless. We all work together, even though the departments where we work are different, we still get together everyday, talk about our progresses, the bottlenecks and the opportunities. A natural brainstorming session occurs each day, where everyone from the MD to an intern joins and puts forward their idea.

Manikant Singhania

Management Team member, operations and research