About Us

Who Are We?

We are an Asset management and advisory company with a hope to create an investment friendly environment.

What We Do?

We create and manage investment portfolios for our clients, give them consultation on where and when to invest and prepare comprehensive reports for review for our clients.

Our History

We started operation in 2016 and spent the majority of the first half of the year doing comprehensive background research and study on the stock and investment market of the country. Through both historical analysis and academic future forecasting we have been able to develop a thorough understanding of the Nepalese market and its factors, and our goal has always been to use our research and the experiences and insights of our professional team to deliver the best possible investment portfolio for our client.

Our Vision

To be one of the most trusted Asset Management Brand in Nepal by 2025.

To have an International Liaison Office by 2024.

To enter International markets by 2028.

To be a USD Billion Dollar Enterprise by 2033.

Our Mission

To bring together the best of Human Resource for shaping the future of Asset Management by continuously delivering results that outperform the Markets.

Our Values


Respect the Time, Energy and Money of all Stakeholders, especially Customers.


If everyone does their job efficiently, we will create meaning far greater than ourselves.


Always be true to yourself and the company

Passion and Perseverance

Never forget why you do what you do

Our 6-D Process


Discover both high prospect companies as well as new start-ups from various industries through intensive and continuous market observation and analysis.


Design specific portfolios and target investment areas for our clients based on their individual portfolio profiles.


Develop comprehensive reports and analysis of the investments for thorough analysis.


Define the companies and their objectives and visions based on their operations to our clients for review.


Deploy our best teams in various market segments for on-site market research, and also identification of changes in the market.


Delivering the best ‘bang for the buck’ for our clients.