Your one-stop solution for everything related to wealth management and asset advisory.

How We Can Help You?

We as a company, strive for the best value for our customers with sound investments and clear consultancy. Our services include Real-Estate Counselling, Management Consultancy, Asset Management and Fund Management.

What we offer?

Share Market Consulting

We provide services of consultation of the  different growing and value generating NEPSE Stock/Shares and about their Portfolio management.

Holistic Business Consulting

We provide consultation services for management problems, investment problems and also help in emergency cash flow generation for deserving companies and ideas.

Real-Estate Expertise in Asset Management

We have a group of real estate experts with 10+ years experience in active real estate trading. We can advise you on your property or manage it for you. We also lease the property with the view to sub-lease.

Our Presence


Investment in stocks market.

Assets under management

Real Estate: Revenue Generating Asset worth NPR 6.5 crore
Non-Revenue Generating Asset worth NPR 3.5 crore

assetS under advisement

Commercial Complex worth NPR 50 Crore
Revenue Generating Asset worth NPR 35 Crore in Kupondole


Art and Antique Collection below NPR 1 crore
Investments in backpackers hostel, Thamel
Lease of land in Thamel (Prime Location)

Words from the MD

“The Nepalese Stock Market is unique and very interesting. It takes knowledge, ability and confidence to invest in the market, especially in high-worth trades. Knowing the market reaction and overall hype behind a stock is as important as understanding the fundamentals and historical growth of a company in our country. However, the Nepalese public investors who understand these points lie in the minority, that is why I started House of Endurance, to cater to the majority of the public which still wants to invest but doesn’t know or want to know all the ins and outs of the market.”

Anuj Shanker Shrestha

Managing DIrector

Our Associate Partners